You know, I have sat down twice now to write. Not only have I sat down, BUT I have written. LONG posts. One about parenting and the second about religion… BOTH have poof disappeared after hours of me writing.

I can 1. Throw my computer or 2. Believe that that means THIS is not the time for those posts.

I honestly have a hard time deciding what I should write about. I have wanted to sit down here multiple times.

Then I think, why would anyone care what I have to say? What would be the point of these? A journal so one day I can look back, or my great great grand kids can go to my posts and see how crazy life was :) OR just to let everyone get a peek behind the curtain??? I mean life can be fascinating with 7 kids, 4 dogs, 6 cats, 2 fish and 3 full time jobs!! Our house is a lot lol!

I do not know what this will become. I can sit down and depending on what has gone on during the day, there could be something to say about one thing and the next something completely different!

I do know that something important I want to say is that someone out there who comes across this post needs to hear this: YOU ARE DOING OKAY!!! STOP second guessing yourself. YOU made it through today.

That is an important message.

Today it seemed like everyone in my house was extra tired. There were extra things to do and it was extra effort. There was work that should have been done that wasn't and the kids did not get along 💯 of the time. IT is okay. We made it :) and there were some really great moments. Finn is only 2 but is starting to come up with some really hysterical things he says! I have no idea how he even knows half of the things he does already. Probably being child number 7. Gannon, though clearly overtired the whole weekend, always always has time to come give me love. That kid is something special deep in his soul. Maya decided at 9:15, when she should be asleep, that she wanted a hair cut. I mean it didn't have anything to do with the fact that there was sap stuck in her extremely curly hair or anything. AND I LOVE her hair long. BUT Bodily autonomy and all - and the fact that we only live one life and 99% of the time when a kid asks me to do something crazy I say yes, I cut her hair. OF course she looks adorable. And Liam, even though he is a teenager also always has time to give me love, and I am grateful. Then there was Connor… who really wanted to sleep all day but did actually spend time with us watching football in the living room and hanging out. AND he recalled a story about my brother in childhood meaning he actually listens to my stories. AND Cam who posted something on snapchat that was hysterical and I started my day off laughing, hard. AND Tyler who has the sweetest kitten. I love seeing his videos with her. ALSO making my day after some crazy ass moment of insanity (I mean just another day in the life) I got to see the most adorable video of those 2. AND last but certainly not least. My husband. He got up and showed a few houses in different towns. That guy loves real estate and he is damn good at his job. His clients don’t know but he really truly from the bottom of his heart thinks of them as family and works as hard as he would if it was one of our own kids in this process. THEN he figured out the insta pot and made the best dinner… I mean that part with with help from our BFFs but seeing those 2 guys in the kitchen figuring out the insta pot… I mean these are the moments.

The day is filled with these incredible nuggets. No matter how crazy a day gets, how busy a day gets, how awful a day can get- look for the moments like these. <3

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