Just over 24 hours ago we witnessed something historical.   Especially for women and girls all over the United States.   We have never had a female Vice President. Or President. It is certainly a start.  

Growing up, in elementary school, I remember so many times being told, "YOU can grow up to be the president."  However it seemed unrealistic... at the time they were all older white men... there was always talk about when, maybe in the future, a female could possibly become president... but it was a concept hard to imagine. 

Growing up in an evangelical Christian school it was also noted that women could not be REAL pastors.... and my family is Catholic so women cannot be Priests either...   In school girls were taught about purity and men being the head of household.   Wives- submit to your husbands...  Girls, watch what you wear or you will make men stumble with sexual thoughts.   I even had a teacher write in my yearbook "Karen, use your brains, not your body."  So the message that a female could have any power role was hard to imagine.... it was being ingrained that women were inferior to men.  

BUT, my own mother defied those odds.   She was one of the first females in law enforcement in Maine.   She is still today, the strongest female I know.   She was always a strong women.  A woman in a "man's" role.  A woman who has had so many amazing achievements.   Even being chosen to serve in Washington DC during the Clinton administration on the Council of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.     She held many predominantly "men's" roles as I grew up.    A true female inspiration.  She is much too modest and will probably get after me for writing this 😊.   BUT as a girl, I was raised by a STRONG woman.   She went against the gender barriers I was surrounded by.  

Of course being slightly (okay very) oppositionally defiant, I never appreciated the concept of purity rings for girls, being told to submit to anyone, or that I could not serve in a church as a Pastor... and very thankful to have a STRONG woman raise me to KNOW I could truly do anything I wanted.

After 4 boys, I had a daughter.   She has always been a strong little one...  I might call her Tiny as her nickname, but she is Mighty.  She is strong willed, and I consider this a positive attribute.   She can be anyone and anything she chooses.   She will be able to hold her own.  There will be no teaching her that she is second class or less.  I am proud of her already.   

Being able to spend the day yesterday watching a woman being sworn in as Vice President and having my daughter be only 8 years old, means that she will grow up knowing WOMEN belong in places of power - where decisions are being made.   She loves Ruth Bader Ginsburg.   She knows there are true female heroes amongst us.    I teared up and it was such a special day.   A game changer for so many yesterday.  A collective exhale from the world around us.  So many firsts.  AND to see the diversity surrounding the White House already is just such a beautiful thing.   

It does not matter what political party you belong to.  Immediately on my post commemorating the moment,  I got negative comments,  DMs ect. 

STOP.  Please look beyond politics.   LOOK at what this finally means for young girls, for women who have not felt strong enough to follow their dream.   I got a message about how can I feel happy, knowing I love my children so much that we'd let this "baby killing abortion supporter" in the white house.   I just sat there with my eyes wide.  

IF you are voting and your number one reason for voting is abortion....please.  Do you care just as much for the living children?   For the poverty in the United States???  For the ones who suffer daily without healthcare, food, proper shelter, support???  When you post about deciding to vote based on someone's pro life stance because Jesus would want that... are you sure??? Are they Pro Life or are they Pro Birth?   Are you Pro Life or are you Pro Birth?  After examining this further,  I have found many amongst the religious community are actually just pro Birth... because after that baby is born, they really do not support free or affordable healthcare, food, housing, mental health care ect.  The people they want in office cut those services often... they are not social justice minded folks.   Jesus was very "liberal" for his time.  

I digress.... but I really don't ... it is tied together.... So YES.. I emphatically support a female who supports affordable health care and equality.   I support having my daughter grow up with fewer glass ceilings to break...  I support strong, POSITIVE, non oppressive females in positions of power... 

Women are strong... I have never understood the saying "have the balls" to do something... when a male is kicked in the balls he can't speak or breathe lol.  

This is not a man hating post.  I have ALLLL the sons.  I love my husband.  He is a hero.  He is amazing.   

This is about the fact that FINALLY we don't have to say, we have never had a female Vice President in the United States.... 


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Judith Rosen
Judith Rosen

You have had a wonderful role model and now your children have one in you. Wonderful words Karen. Love you😘😘❤️

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